By: cs_dev

Corps Security has partnered with Australian Company, “Venturi” to deliver what we believe to be the most sophisticated and reliable GPS/GPRS tracking system available in

Our clients vary from Diplomatic, Financial and private sectors. They utilise the system for firstly, the safety of their personnel and secondly, for asset management. Depending on the requirements of our clients, the product and service can be tailored to suit their purposes. Reports can be generated outlining fleet usage and this can be aligned with particular personnel or drivers.

The ‘duress’ function is sent directly to Corps Security’s 24/7 communication and monitoring centre. In place are reliable processes for the appropriate response. Once personnel are safe, the asset management/retrieval can then be addressed. There are a multitude of services which can be utilised through the back end software which incurs no further cost to the client. The support or “help desk” will be able to activate these for you in a short matter of time.

In addition, there are additional sensors which can be added on after initial installation, depending on the base unit chosen. These include
breathalysers, speed limiters, Driver ID, fuel monitoring, temperature and immobiliser functions.

For the best outcome, please contact Corps Security for a demonstration. We can assist putting forward a package to address any of your fleet or personal vehicle requirements.