By: cs_dev

Static Guarding is currently the most utilised security service to our clients. It offers a uniformed presence and deterrent for the client as well as the ability to call for suitable response should a situation require. Often, Static Officers are deployed in conjunction with other services such as Dog and Handler units or Alarm Monitoring (as initial response).

Typically Static Officers are deployed to; maintain vehicle/pedestrian access, carry out perimeter patrols, control ‘Front of House’ reception and visitor management, Event Security and monitor sites with valuable equipment.

Our clients can be assured that our Officers have been selected and trained under some of the most rigorous standards in the industry. This is further enhanced by a high level of management support and monitoring. Our Officers are equipped with radios which report directly back to our 24/7 “B Specification” communication Centre. Through this network, response teams are dispatched and Police involvement gained if the situation warrants.

Corps Security maintains a high standard for all our Officers regarding hygiene, cleanliness and appearance. Officers are required to maintain these standards whilst on duty and understand that whilst they are employees of Corps Security, they are also a public image associated with our clients.

Prior to deployment (or as soon as is practicable), a site assessment
is carried out by the Operations team. From this information, site specific assignment instructions are drafted and upon approval from the client, the instructions from the basis which our Officers, Supervisors and Mobile Supervisors carry out their individual duties.

All client sites are subject to the physical site checks by our Mobile Supervisors and also required to comply with the regular radio ‘SitReps’. This is regardless of the type of guarding service provided.